InfoExpert offers services of introducing a system approach to the management of software assets and licenses by implementing recommendations from ISO 19770 and the approach which provides harmonization with strategic initiatives and information security, and integration with the overall system for the management of software services.

Modern business depends on implemented information systems and applied software solutions that represent an important organizational resource. Sustainability of IS, including upgradeability and extensibility, depends on the management of software assets and licenses (Software Asset Management - SAM).  The international standard for software assets management (ISO/IEC 19770) gives a framework which provides a quality software management in accordance with organizational requirements, and it is harmonised with the standard for services management (ISO 20000, ITIL).

Along with the benefits we mentioned, the organizations also meet legal copyright requirements in the segment of computer programs and by that avoid risk from fines and criminal charges and prevent consequences to their technological infrastructure, business and reputation.

Parallel with introducing SAM in cooperation with the world principals - software developers, we provide overview and recommendation in terms of consolidating the existing software and system infrastructure which can ensure significant savings in expenses for software licenses. The organizations that use SAM no longer spend money for unnecessary software.

We also provide training and hands-on workshops for organizations in order to build their own human resources for SAM. These trainings and workshops include the development of SAM programs based on best practices, ways of proactive and effective management of software assets and increasing IT efficiency in general, control of expenses and decreasing related risks.