InfoExpert provides support to the implementation of EIF 2.0 into own interoperability frameworks (Government Interoperability Framework – e-GIF, National Interoperability Framework – NIF) with the development of related process, semantic and technical standards. In cooperation with our partners, along with the implementation of principles and recommendation of EIF 2.0, we also provide the development of generic interoperability architecture, standards for data dictionaries and strategies of public registers.

Today it is impossible to imagine establishing an ICS system without the implementation of support for the exchange of data, information, knowledge, and in general, support for the interaction of supported business processes with processes and systems of connected authorities and organizations. Along with the necessary information systems interoperability attribute, the European Commission has recognized the need to standardize connections by adopting the European Interoperability Framework (EIF 2.0, 2010). The Digital Agenda for Europe 2010-2020 envisions that all members implement the European Interoperability Framework by 2013.

As a part of developing recommendations for the generic architecture of an interoperable IS, we provide harmonization with current EC strategic initiatives and ICT systems for which there is a need for interconnection (EC ISA – Joinup, e-TrustEx, e-PRIOR, GENIS, IMI, eID, DG SANCO  – TRACES, RAPEX).

Along with the support for reaching an interoperability framework, we develop requirements specifications for the implementation of ICT interoperability platforms with ensuring the quality of implementation (including Government Service Bus - GSB, electronic exchange of documents, electronic signature, one-stop-shop portals, payment gateway).

Within services of this segment for the business sector we emphasise the development of requirements specifications and implementation of the ESB platform (Enterprise Service Bus) as a unique ICT integration platform. Along with ESB, in cooperation with our partners we provide the implementation of a platform for the application of the electronic invoice (e-Invoicing).