In supporting development of e-Government services, focusing on needs of citizens and business, InforExpert primarily focuses on strategic planning, management and automation of business, i.e. management processes, and support for the preparation, management and monitoring of project execution.

The task of e-Government services is essentially facilitating processes of information, communication and internal transactions and transaction between public institutions, as well as to provide better public services and connection with citizens and businesses. The conclusion of the annual UN report on the survey of the progress of e-Government project in the world (E-Government Survey 2012) is that e-Government project implementation puts the public sector in the position to develop ICT infrastructure which is later on going to be applied more efficiently in the business sector.

As the clearly defined processes and legal preparation are the basic precondition for implementing quality automation through ICT solutions, InfoExpert also provides support in reassessing the legal context and developing relevant regulations. In our approach we follow recommendations from global standards and referent organizations, and we take care of compliance with the Digital Agenda for Europe – 2010-2020).

In order to enable citizens and businesses to get the maximum from the implementation of e-Government electronic services, InfoExpert focuses on the support of justification assessment, preparation and project management in general and establishing information system management systems (Information System Governance - application of COBIT).

At the same time we invest knowledge in project manager and team capacity building (preparation in order to acquire the international PMP certificate), in order to decrease risk from inadequate selection of ICT solutions or implementation of solutions that have not been used well enough.

Along with top-down approach, we also support bottom-up approach in terms of support to building ICT capacities of local self-management units (Smart City) by applying standardized and open solutions, providing compliance and interoperability in order to achieve vertical connection.

The described system approach of InfoExpert, with application of contemporary technological platforms and ICT solutions, provides for a quick implementation and visibility of the application effect of e-Government services in a short time frame. In this way the citizens are more satisfied with more efficient public administration, while businesses are no longer burdened by unnecessary administrative procedures.