In cooperation with world ICT principals, institutes, faculties and renowned companies, we provide access to proven, modern and quality ICT solutions and information systems which provide for more efficient automation of business and management processes and improvements in the work of businesses and public administration.

In the business segment (e-Business), the ICT solutions of our partners have been successfully implemented in sectors such as power distribution, telecommunications, utility services, banks and financial organizations.

For the needs of government, authorities, government organizations and local self-administrations (e-Government, e-Administration), the ICT solutions we offer are focused on achieving strategic goals and provide for improvement in functionality and transparency of activities, interoperability, standardization and information security.

The ICT solutions we offer have already achieved successful application in the SEE region and EU. Their characteristics are good performance, contemporary ICT platforms, standardization, quick implementation, simple application, possibility for upgrades, configurability and high level of reliability, providing for a quick return on investments.

Along with implementation support, we are always available to our clients to provide local support in maintenance and upgrade of ICT solutions, counselling, change management and education. In this way we provide our clients with sustainability of implemented solutions, access to continuous upgrades based on identified best practices and implementation of the cutting edge ICT platforms.